Head of Design at
building products with purpose and sweat over details

Yandex Bank

Taking the job as the third designer in the Fintech department I launched its first banking app, led the design of payment and credit streams, introduced innovative money transfer flow and shaped our design system

2021–2022 / Reuters / VC

Search Super App

I was a key contributor in transforming company’s flagship app with 45M DAU into a super app. After evaluating multiple concepts I came up with a solution that solved business goals, and I was also in charge of building an e-commerce platform from ground

2019–2021 / Forbes / Fintech Futures

Yandex App

Self-isolation Index

When COVID-19 just hit Russia we calculated the index that showed how well people were self-isolating using anonymous data from our services. According to the Higher School of Economics, it helped to save 80.000 lives in the first months of the pandemic and became adopted on a federal level

2020 / Bloomberg / Daily Mail / BBC / Reuters / ...


I’ve been designing things since my teenage years and by the age of 16 I was already working at Yandex, launching products that served millions of people.

As a designer, I aim to deliver the most elegant solution which I believe should be visually refined in its details while having the simplest concept at its core.

In my free time I enjoy playing with 3D and graphics ↗  It even led to my commission for Wes Anderson’s the French Dispatch ↗  I also run a nice office bar where our team gathers up after busy work days ↗ 

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